Monster Mia – Monstrous Mia

In the little town of Primrose everything has to be perfect and neat. The houses, the gardens, the children, the parents, everything is ‘perfect’. In the middle of this well organized neighbourhood live the Muensters. A nice little family with twin daughters: Marie and Mia. And let’s say Mia (11) isn’t very… ‘Primrose’. Although they are twins, they couldn’t be more different. Marie is angelic and a ballerina, just like the other ordinary girls in town. And Mia is naughty, prefers quirky clothes, loves her skateboard and her secret shaggy pet rat Quentin. Mia always was the outsider in her class, in the school, even in town. She never really understood why, but she kind of got used to it. But as Mia is this special character she finally manages (with a little help of her rat Quentin) to get herself in such trouble, that she got transferred to Rotwood School where nobody ever had to go. And there, in Rotwood, nothing is as it seems. There doesn’t seem to be any rules and the pupils look totally different. They almost look like… Monsters.

Monster Mia ist die Adaption des ersten Bandes der gleichnamigen Reihe von A.B. Saddlewick, erschienen im Kerle Verlag.
Die Drehbuchentwicklung wurde durch die FFA gefördert. Ausführende Produktion ist die Ulysses Filmproduktion in Hamburg zusammen mit Studio Rakete.